Jan 4, 2016

Kimi Nail Spa


Before we start, let me tell you that this is not sponsored post.  So everything i wrote in this post is 100% my personal thought and experience.  

Well, actually i am not a kind of high-maintained girl (at least i used to be not lol).  I always think having manicure or pedicure was not important and uh... too princessy.  in my 26 years of my life, i was neveeerrr willing to try it, the reason is kinda silly, i was afraid they'll hurt my fingers. You may say i had an issue with trusting people, but hey how if these strangers makes a mistake and cut my fingers instead or my nails? crazy i know.  BUT my husband always told me that my nail looks horrible.  As a -uhm- good wife of course i want to look good for him, so one day i decided to throw my self up and getting my nails done.  And guess what? now i am addicted to french manicure.  

My first meni-pedi was at salon Anita Bintaro, which is very close to my house. Anita is a kind of big budget salon that has a lot of services.  I must say the "mbak-mbak" is really good at it, they did my nails FAST, clean,  and no pain at all.  It cost realtively cheap, i didnt remember the exact price but i think it's about 100k rupiahs for both meni-pedi.  BUT i decided not to going there for the second tome becauseeee, their tools are not sterile!  Of course this is very dangerous and nasty too.  Maybe you should bring your own meni-pedi tools if you want to try their service.  

The second place is Kimi which is located at Bintaro Exchange Mall.  I know Kimi has another boutiqe at Kemang Village too but i never try them before.  The place was nice, clean and comfy.  

(kimi AEON taken from their IG)

I noticed that the foot bowl (i dont why whats the name sorry) was a little bit dirty.  I wish they clean it regulary.  Actually the service is so so, not that wow.  Anita therapist's technique was better i think.  Kimi's mostly still very young and seems unproffesional.  They chat a lot with others in Bahasa Jawa while doing my nails which i know somehow could be lil bit annoying.  And. it happens EVERYTIME i went to this nail spa.  I speak Java too so i understand what they're saying and i dont really bothered.  But imagine if i didnt understand what they're saying.  You get it? 

Talking about their skills, One day i had pedicure, and one of this mbak hurt my fingers so much.  My fingers even get swolen for 2 days.  BUT what keep me coming to this place again? It simply because they had Inglots there. They had Marc Jacobs and other high end brand also.  And because the tools are sterile. 


By the way here is the price list : 

i think the price is not cheap so i really wish they can improve their service.   One day i just passed by in front their Kemang spa.  And guess what? i saw one guy (or lets call it mas-mas) ate nasi bungkus on their massage chair.  For me, it was really a big no. 

Well that's what i think of Kimi.  Yes i would still do my nails there since i havent found another good nail salon near my house.  I really want to try Beauty+bar Bintaro but cant find any review about them.  Have you try any nail salon at Bintaro? 


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