Jun 9, 2013

Review : B.liv Off those heads (the only product that successfully cure my blackheads!)

I may have tried a zillion ways and products to remove my stupid blackheads for my whole life, but... no result.  Mask, scrub and strip pore can only reduced my whiteheads but it seems they love to coming back again.  Untill one day i received one mail from B.liv and they're interested to sent some products for me to try.  So i told them my skin problems : dull skin, large pore and blackheads.  I was so lucky I didnt get any trouble with the custom.  Some of my bloggers friends told me they have to do this and that, pay for this and that before they can get the products (yaaah... Indonesia *sigh).

Before i jump to the review, let me explain about B.liv by Cellnique.  B liv is the expert in curing blackheads, acnes and scar even for those with sensitive skin.  Their products are formulated with CX formulation, an advance in-clinic formulation that would give us visible result within 2 weeks.  And they even dare to give your money back if you didnt see any visible result on your skin.  So, how good it would be?  Lets move to my real experience.

This Glow and Shine skin smoothing mask was the first products i tried when i received the package.   It has scrub beads to removes dead cells from our skin surface.  I personally love the texture, not too thick so it was easy to spread it on my face.  After use i can instantly saw my face look brighter and feel smooth, but the brighter effect didnt last that long though.  But still I do love the texture And it's instant effect.

This is the second mask i received from B.liv, Bright is Right.  It is made from pure black pearl.  My first impression of this mask is they're made of good quality sheets.  What i love from this product is the sheet mask was easy to put on my face because it has some kind of face-like plastic.  I leave it for 30 minutes and the after feeling is my face feels very hydrated and fresh, but i didnt see any brightening effect.

Here it is, Off with those heads sebum gel!  This is the highlight of this post.  And this is the only product so far that can help me cure my blackheads.  It is a gel that smells and feels  like toohtpaste, it has strong minty feeling.  After first week using it instead of getting smoother and blackheadless nose, i feel like i really can touch them on my nose and they became more visible.  Its like this gel push them to my skin surface at first.  And then i grabbed my strip porepack and put it on my nose.  Then i was shocked with the result becauuuseeee the strip was fulled with my nasty whiteheads and blackheads!  I took my mirror and suprised that the blackheads was about 60% disappear! and afrer 2 weeks of using i can happily says that my blackheads are reduced up to 70% which is amazing enough for me. 

This is the last product, Shrink and Tighten.  It is an oil form and when you put it on your skin it gives you skin warm feeling.  At first i feel stingy feeling but i didnt last that long.  One thing i hate about the product is it's smells! Its smells like a glue! After using it for 2 weeks i can see my pore became LITTLE bit smaller.  It was not dramatically smaller but i can see the result.

see the difference?

I really recomend you to try the "off with those heads".  I think you can clearly notice my nose pores getting smaller and the heads are reduced.

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Thanks B.liv!

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  1. Hai,
    I have the same problem with u. My nose is prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Scrubbing and masking would do to remove them, but periodically they would come back again. *sigh
    I'm interested with the product u use, guess have to wait until it is available in Indonesia.
    Or maybe u know olshop where I can purchase it?
    Nice review btw :)
    So happy to see the good result in u :)

    1. hi dear, thanks for dropping by ya. i havent find any olshop sell this product yet, you may purchase them through their official page. they offer free shipping and samples btw (you can click their banner on the top of my blog page)

  2. love the result..it looks so real!

  3. itu belinya pasti yang rempong.. #fiuh...

    1. benar sekaliiii, tau sendiri deh custom di indooo

  4. wowww...keren bgt produknya, bebz ^_^v
    Jadi pengen nyobain juga deh...hehehe...

    Btw, yuk ikutan PINKYLICI0US GIVEAWAYS…

    banyak hadiahnya loh….dari merek Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, It’s Skin, etc

    ajak teman2mu jg yach, ada SURPRISE GIFTS too for your friend ^_^v

    Caranya gampang banget koq, cek di http://pinkylici0us.blogspot.com/

    Thank u so much, dear ^_^v

    followed your blog too...muachh..xoxo

  5. Hey!! I just bought the bliv off with those heads product but have not used it yet. Did you have to use the srink and tighten product after the off with those heads product to get your result? Or could you get the result without the srink and tighten
    Product and just the off with those heads product?
    As for me, I face the same problem with you taking my nose heads out. Your reply would be very much appreciated!

    1. hello, basically i think the off with those alone will also works, but the shrink n tighten absolutely will prevent the heads coming back again.

  6. Hey!
    I totally understand your problem with your noseheads. Same here.
    just one question! How often do you use this?