Oct 19, 2011

ESTEE LAUDER DELUXE BLUSH COMPACT (Tender petal, pink kiss, fresh plum and rosewood)

Hi pretties,

Today i'm going to post a swatch of Estee Lauder blush on.  I got this beautiful gold blush compact that consist of 4 different gorgeus colours.

classy packaging

completed with large mirror and brush
  Can you see the colours is so pretty!

with flash

no flash

There are 4 colours in, 
-01 Tender petal, a pink pale matte blush
-02 Pink Kiss, coral blush with shimmering effect
-23 Fresh Plum, a pinky-purple shimmer blush
-13 Rosewood that would be perfect for countouring your cheek because of the dark colour and its also a matte blush

And now, lets check the swatches!

with flash on

flash off

 You can see the colours are so pretty.  They are enough pigmented for me, but too bad the staying power are not that good especially on my oily face.  My favorites are number 02 pink kiss and 13 rosewood.  I do love pink blush but they're always look weird on my yellow tone skin. 

so, Will i repurchase? NO.

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  1. sayang yah..gak cocok sama warna kulit org indo.. padahal warna dan kemasannya cakep bangeet..