Sep 17, 2011

review : Dolly wink false lashes no 5 and no 2

Hi ladies,

So now im going to review Dolly Wink False Eyelashes no 2 and no 5! Its my first dolly wink, so its kinda interesting to see how is the result.

Dolly wink no 2


and this is the no 5, for lower lashes

its pretty natural

FYI its my first time putting on the false lower lashes, so please do not hit me if i look like a mess.  If only you knw, i almost killing my self to put the falsies on the right place.  they're lil bit difficult to set.  And i dont recomend you to use the glue because its white and will make your eyes like they both infected by bacteria.(im sure you'll get what i mean).

dont you think the upper lashes is too long?

i feel pretty yet scary at the same time. lol

What do you think? is it too much? should i make it shorter? Tell me1


  1. Thanks for share, but I'll never use eye lashes XD

  2. the glue is very tricky, its not like any lash glue ive ever used, you only need to wait for 3 secs instead of 20, then quickly adjust it on your lashline. it dries clear :)

    yey hanna kena racun dolly wink <3 i havent got time to review my DW :(
    the key is to practice han ^_^ i think no 5 looks better if you use it as close to your lashline as possible, because its meant to look natural :b

  3. Han, i bought this DW..i found it's very tricky to stick on the sumhow susah banget di adjust! lu nempelnya gimana??

  4. @indonesia : of course, haha..

    @stella : thankyou for your tips stella! i'll keep practicing

    @elrica : embeeer, soalnya band nya tipis banget bo.. gw nempel pake lem lain, soalnya si lem bawaan putih-putih gitu keliatannya... dan gw harus nempelin ini bener2 di kelopak mata gw (bukan di perbatasan kulit-bulu mata) jadi gw harus gambar eyeliner gw lebih tebel untuk nutupin nya...

    gw nempelin nya harus dipegang ujung nya pake kedua tangan, tempelin tengah nya baru ujung-ujungnya el..

  5. HUaaaa Love it...
    Dolly Wink cakep yeee.. Dr kmrn2 pengen beli tapi mehong Cyiint di dept store. Iihh suka banget deh..