Sep 30, 2011

Carnelin's giveaway : Special Makeover by L'oreal

Hi there readers,

Siapa yang lagi ga punya duit buat ke salon? SAYAAAA! *ngacung! Pas banget L'oreal lagi ngadain special make over buat para blogger, yang mau join yuk ke blog nya Carnelin.  
Hadiahnya super seru!

Yuk join contest nya, lumayan nyalon n permak rambut gratis!

PreWedding shots

Selamat siang readers...!

Alhamdulillah pada 23 september 2011 kemarin gw resmi jadi bini orang. Tapi kalau kalian mikir gw ngilang dari kemarin karena gw lagi hanimun maka... Anda Salah!!! 24 September gw resepsi, 26 oktober gw KULIAH. Iya kuliah, dan kuliah gw dari jam 8 sampe jam lima sore, udah gitu gw masih beda rumah sama si mas :(  ihikkss... Sedih ye penganten baru begini? tapi tetep seneng sih, ya namanya nya aja penganten baru, mau ga seneng ya harus seneng haha..

Jadi postingan gw kali ini gw mau "pamer" beberapa foto pre wed gw nih cerita nya.. Pre wed gw diambil 3 hari karena si mas super sibuk jadi satu hari ga bisa kepake maksimal, akhirnya biaya lumayan bengkak sih jadinya.. tapi ya sutralah.. 

cerita nya lagi piknik gitu, bikin ketawa natural gini susyah banget loh

udah kayak model belon? di foto ini gw diliatin sama rombongan bikers dan alay2 di sono

iii loovee this pic! lady like banget ga sih gw? jarang2 kan, hahah...

horror face

laki gw selalu berasa ganteng di foto ini *sigh

alay pose, haha..

berlari menyusuri pantai.. aiiihh.... kawin lari neng?

yang ini mengundang komentar nih, hehe..

Foto terakhir ini penuh pengorbanan sampe bulu mata palsu gw copot.. hahaha.. ini asli loh ombaknya, foto ini diambil di pulau bidadari.  Jadi ini gw bediri di tembok batas gitu dan nunggu ombak pas sore hari.  Gw ga bisa melek karena air laut asin bikin perih, pas ganti baju eh sampe daleman-daleman gw keisi pasir donk! pengorbanan bener dah ngambil foto ini...

Well, segini dulu yah girls, i'll be back soon!

Sep 19, 2011

Review : Bourjois bronzing powder

 Aloha readers,

Say hi to my new doll, Bourjois Bronzing Powder.  I bought it for Rp.210.000.  It has very cute packaging and it definetely a plus for me.  There're two shades avaiable at the counter and picked the darker one.

It smells so nice (bukan merek sosis sponsor sepak bola, LOL), actually in my opinion it's not like chocolate.. but i think it smells like.. ginger cookies? maybe its only my nose.  The bronzing powder has a pretty shimmers but wont make your face too "bling bling".


The colour is so natural on my face, maybe because my warm tones so though the bronzing powder is lil bit too yellow it still okay when i put it on my face. It stayed on my normal-oily face about 3-4 hours.  I put on this bronzer under my cheekbone to make a "thiner look" and then put on some shimerry blush on the apple of cheek.

This is me wearing the bronzing powder, i didnt use it much cause i didnt want to look "too tanned" or end up like "why-your-face-look-dirty". 

Will repurchase? Maybe!

Sep 18, 2011

FOTD : Hellow Yellow

 Hola ladies,

Today i attended my cousin's wedding and as the member of my big family i have to wear same clothes with the other cousins.   I got light yellow kebaya encim as my "uniform" so today's FOTD is gold and yellow.  Actually i wanted to wear my Dolly wink lower lashes but i was afraid that it wouldnt stay on all day. So, here is my FOTD!

-Etude skinfit base make up
-Lancome teint miracle
-Revlon mineral powder foundation
-MUFE HD powder

-Bourjois bronzer
-Bourjois rose de eclat

-NYX smokey look

-Viva eyebrown pencil in brown
-Pixy liquid eyeliner
-Sari ayu 25th anniversary pallete
-Fake eyelashes, dolly wink no 2

So, tell me what do you think, or if you have any suggest for my next FOTD just tell me!

Sponsored Review : Epiderme

Hi Ladies,

Have you ever heard the danger of Parabens? i have.  What is it? Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmeutical industries.  Researchers have found traces of chemicals called parabens in tissue taken from women with breast cancer.  So some women already decided to switch to non-paraben skin care and cosmetic or at least minimize the contact with it.  BUT, in fact it's hard to find free-parabens products especially here in Indonesia.  

I received some samples of Epiderme Malaysia. Honestly i've never heard of this brand before because its not avaiable in Indonesia.  And then before i start to use it i open their website as Joanne (the marketing manager) ask me to do.  And i was so happy when read the descriptions of this company, why?

  • It's parabens free
  • Gluten free
  • made from active botanical
  • it has natural colour
The conclusion is this products is definetely SAFE for our skin!

Epiderme send me three packs of their product which is actually not enough for reviewing purpose :( but i'll try me best to describe the products though for skin care, it's almost impossible to get the best result (and review) in one experience.

So, they send me
-Hydration cleasning milk
-CPR Ocean mask
-Beta fructan cream

First, i clean my face Hydration cleansing milk.  i was only put on compact powder on blush . The texture is thick but not oily, quite creamy i think.  it cleans my face well and doesnt sting my face.  I like it overall since it removes all of my make up well in one touch.  This cleanser smells like my mom's cleanser from her beauty clinic.

Epiderme Hydration Cleansing Milk.  Liat kan teksurnya creamy banget dan ga netes-netes

the dirt!
This cleanser contain yoghurt extract to reduce the inflamatory damage.

Second step, i apply CPR Ocean Mask on my face.  the texture is unique it doesnt like another mask, its not as sticky as usual.  But the smells lil bit bothering me because its too strong for me and when i apply to my face after 5 minutes i feel like i put on a bottle of menthol oil onto my face! it's just very strong minty feeling!  Actually you should leave the mask for about 20 minutes but i cant stand the smells and minty feeling because it make my eyes teary so i rinse it off after 10 minutes.

When i rinse it with water i feel my face so COLD, but after i dried it my face feels firmer and fresher than before, and also feel clean! i kinda wondering if i leave it for 30 minutes maybe i'll get better result.  Too bad Epiderme only send me one pack of it :(

The CPR ocean mask benefit is anti aging and it helps calm your skin, improves your skin tone and its elasticiy.  It contain spirulina and other weird plants that  maybe you have never heard (only if you're good at Junior Hi School's biology).

the unique masker

Last, Beta Fructan Cream that combats dehydration and prematurely aging.  The teksture is lil bit heavy, at firs you'll feel like there're second layer on your skin. But it absorbed well after 5 minutes without makes your skin oily, and after i wake up at the morning i feel my skin smoother and less oil on my face.

epiderme beta fructan cream

And this is the full version of the products :

Hydration cleansing milk
CPR ocean mask
beta fructan cream

Honestly i recomend you to try the mask and for those who has oily skin i recomend you to try beta fructan cream because this cream will reduce your sebum and make your skin hydrated well.

Only for you, Epiderme offer you to get their free sample  and you only need to visit their fans page. 

Aaaaand also Epiderme will give you 20% discount on your first purchase! For the 20% discount all you need to do is to put in the Discount Code ke20zh  when you check out. Offer is valid till 30th Oct.  So if you're want to find free-paraben skin care, you know where to find it now. Click here to get more info and purchase the product ladies!

Have a good day readers!

Sep 17, 2011

review : Dolly wink false lashes no 5 and no 2

Hi ladies,

So now im going to review Dolly Wink False Eyelashes no 2 and no 5! Its my first dolly wink, so its kinda interesting to see how is the result.

Dolly wink no 2


and this is the no 5, for lower lashes

its pretty natural

FYI its my first time putting on the false lower lashes, so please do not hit me if i look like a mess.  If only you knw, i almost killing my self to put the falsies on the right place.  they're lil bit difficult to set.  And i dont recomend you to use the glue because its white and will make your eyes like they both infected by bacteria.(im sure you'll get what i mean).

dont you think the upper lashes is too long?

i feel pretty yet scary at the same time. lol

What do you think? is it too much? should i make it shorter? Tell me1