Jul 17, 2011

Interview : Say Hi to FIFI!

Hi ladies,

This week i decided to write something new and interesting for you, so here it is. Say Hi to Fifi, one of my fave indonesian beauty blogger!

I emailed FIFI, the founder of www.prettymuchmakeup.com to spend her time to answer some questions from me.  Lucky me, she agreed to do this short interview with me, but since she lived in Jogjakarta we did this interview by email.  I tell you, she is a veryyyy niiiiceee persooon.  Well enough of babbling, here it goes!

me :when did you start blogging, and why?
Fifi : I decided to have my own beauty blog right around November 2008. At that moment I was still a complete newbie but at the same time I was so eager to learn. I guess my initial motive was to document my
progress in applying makeup. As my makeup collection grew larger, I started writing reviews as well. I certainly didn't plan my blog to be like what it is today.

me : how did you learn to apply make up? Did you take a professional course?
Fifi : I've never taken any professional makeup training whatsoever. I learned to apply makeup by myself, although youtube videos and beauty blogs influenced me a lot.

me :  how important is makeup for you?
Fifi : I have to admit that recently I've become less and less excited about makeup. I spend less time and money on makeup than I used to. I still think makeup is fun and of course it IS important for me because, as
cliché as it probably sounds, makeup does boost my confidence. What's different with me is that now I don't see the point of having 5 blushes all at once anymore. I can live with only a few makeup items that I actually use. Sometimes being too obsessed with something will only make you feel entrapped. The industry keeps throwing stuff at you and it makes you sad when you can't buy them. I don't want to be one of those people who equal happiness with ownership. (me : Can't agree more!)
me : what is your most repurchased product?
Fifi : Black eyeliner. I've tried a lot of them from different brands but the one I will always repurchase is Stila Smudge Pot in Black. (note it girls)

me :  What's the best beauty advice that you have ever received?
Fifi : To take good care of my skin and be as gentle as possible while cleansing it. You definitely don't want to rub it too hard for it can cause irritation. When your skin is free from acne and well-moisturized, makeup will definitely look and stick better too!

me : do you have any advice for me and other beauty bloggers out there?
Be motivated by love and love only. If you're doing it for popularity/free products/money, you'll just find yourself disappointed. Even if you did become popular, so what? It's only a beauty blog. It doesn't cure cancer. I'm not saying you can't dream, but from my observation, people whose blogs I find brilliant are the
ones who do it out of passion for whatever it is they're blogging about. They don't always have a lot of followers yet they keep their blogs updated and real. There were bloggers who came up to me and
asked to be followed, so I did... only to find these blogs ended up deserted after only a couple of months, even less.

Also, don't be generic! The only thing that makes your blog different from the rest of beauty blogs out there is you, so write YOUR thoughts YOUR way. You don't have to be too personal if you don't want to, but
in my opinion completely impersonal blogs are boring. It took me quite some time to finally be comfortable with how I write my blog, especially that I choose to write it in English, which is not my mother language. If you want to do the same thing and write your blog in a foreign language, make sure you're willing to learn to write in your chosen language better. If you think that's too much trouble, then stick to what you know best.

  me :tell us your fave beauty blogs we should check out
Fifi I have a lot of beauty blogs on my reader! These are just some of them
that I think worth paying a visit if you haven't already:
practicalvanity.blogspot.com - sadly she has quit blogging :( love her
makeup and good writing, too!
milkncookiie.blogspot.com - super cute blog with well written reviews
makeup-piggy.blogspot.com - amazingly thorough circle lens reviews

Thank you very much Fifi, see you guys on next post! :*


  1. @michelle : thankyou michelle! btw ive followed your blog and i love it! ;)

  2. @carol : yep we both love her!

    @yurina : yes she is so inspiring, ;) i always love it the way she write her blog

  3. I love Fifi too!
    She's so pretty, nice and cool~ :D

  4. U can become a good journalist if u r bored to be a doctor hana :)
    and for fifi, got inspired reading the quotes "do something with love and love only"...