Jul 14, 2011

FOTD : Untitled

inspired by some photos i saw, i made this look with my sari ayu 25th anniversary eyeshadow palette (again). For the black liner i'm using maybelline gel liner, and also kay false eyelashes. Hope you enjoy ;-)

Btw my fiance says that i look weird, he doesnt like it at all bla bla.. Aaah, they just dont get it.


  1. the look is awesome =D haha yes, boys just dont get it lol

  2. hanna keren bgt! bikin video tutorial nya dong hehe. btw pake softlens apa itu? sama lips nya pake apa aja?*bawa catetan

  3. @bila : wadoh kalo video eike belum tau cara bikin nya.., hehe nanti lain kali dibuat foto step by step nya aja yah

    Mereknya lupak! Beli di itc sih yang 150 rebu dapet dua *irit

    Oiya lips nya pake caring colors yang brown sugar dan NYX megashine yang smokey look =D

  4. cool make-ups! you're such an expert, i can't barely put on eye-shadows properly -_-
    my boy also tell that i look weird when i'm wearing make-ups. boys...
    like ur blog! <3

    Joie de Vivre

  5. @dewanti : aw thanks dear, I agree putting eyeshadow on is the hardest thing to do. Well, maybe its just like when they call body painting is an art,n and we don't get it. LOL

    Thankyou for visiting and liking mine, I'll go check yours too!