Jul 25, 2011

Event : Lancome Beauty Bloggers Gathering (PART II : The Gathering)

Lanjutan dari post sebelumnya, cuma mau nunjukin aja ngapain aja sih kami disana dan gimana suasana nya gathering bareng beauty bloggers.  Enjoy the pics!

the make up class, everyone was assisted by their beauty advisor from Lancome


carryn in action

stella and mrs. Rossa
ceeciil and her make up

carryn and her make up
ms. Irma bagi-bagi goody bag

posing with nissa

aaaall the beauty bloggers

showing off my goody bag

late lunch at Duck King

eeiitttss ada yang sadar kamera!


my fave

Full size of teint miracle foundie!!! YAY!!!

Thankyou Lancome for your invitation! Acara gathering nya bener-bener menyenangkan dan well prepared! See you on the next post!


  1. Lancome's event is so awesome <3

  2. great post! And I like your blog's layout, jadi pengen ganti layout nih, biar suasana baru, hehe..

  3. @carryn : hope to meet you soon darling!

    @ceecil : thankyou! hayoo diganti biar ga bosen ngupdate nya, hehe...

  4. Oh my pretty girls indeed!!!
    I wish I could go! Oh well, hopefully there'll be more chances next time :)

  5. @fifi : yep fifi, we all hope that you can join too! ;)