Feb 17, 2011


Hola, beberapa waktu yang lalu gw dapet beberapa sample skincare nya Chanel.  I was very excited to give them a try! Yang gw dapet adalah CHANEL SUBLIMAGE...


The ultimate in anti-aging luxury, delivered with a fine and silky touch. It starts with one unique plant -- the Vanilla Planifolia -- unearthed in the farthest reaches of Madagascar. A unique process created by CHANEL Research harnesses the power of this potent botanical fruit for targeted de-aging action. With the exclusive ingredient, Planifolia PFA*, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dehydration, lack of radiance and inconsistency in pigmentation are pinpointed at once, rendering skin revitalized, regenerated, radiant.

*PFA: Polyfractioned Active. An ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient created through an exclusive purification technique developed by CHANEL.


This ground-breaking new concentrate, empowered by Golden Champa PFA*, is derived from the legendary golden flower of the Himalayas. Purified to its most potent essence, this natural ingredient frees cells of their toxins, restoring them to their purest, most vital, youthful state.
Detoxified and revitalized, skin is now reborn, and fully receptive to the complete regenerating power of the iconic SUBLIMAGE Essential Regenerating Creams, for the ultimate in skin perfection. . . revitalized, regenerated, radiant.


There exists an exceptional skincare product that goes beyond anti-aging. Its name is SUBLIMAGE  La Crème. Its new and infinite power of regeneration acts on all of the skin's life factors,to reveal a beauty that is simply sublime.

Its power has a name: Enriched Planifolia PFA*. This new active jewel is born from the fusion of two botanical treasures with extraordinary powers on all the signs of aging: the fruit and flower of Vanilla from Madagascar. When crafted by CHANEL,they are transformed into the ultimate powerful and regenerating quintessence.

Wonderfully moisturized, deeply nourished and truly replenished, the skin is infinitely regenerated. The complexion is radiant and even. Facial contours are firmer.The face is smoother, more toned. You glow with beauty.

SUBLIMAGE La Crème tantalizes the senses: it offers the pleasure of rich, smooth texture and a subtle scent with hints of vanilla.

The performance of La Crème is quite unique.

It is as powerful as it is rare:
Wrinkles: -36%
Firmness and tone: +26%
Radiance and luminosity: +118%
Hydration: +74%
Evenness of the complexion: +43%

Test conducted on 26 women after applying La Crème for 4 weeks.

sounds very promising yes?
now, here is my review :
pertama dipake baunya nyengat banget! bau parfume banget.. mungkin karena kandungannya ada ekstrak bunga-bungaan kali yah.  texture nya unik banget.  ga bikin lengket di muka sih, sangat sangat cepat menyerap ke kulit.  Paginya bener-bener kerasa kulit SUPER NYAMAN, kenyal banget, lembab.
Di hari kedua keliatan bahwa kulit gw jadi lebih cerah.  Kulit rasanya bener-bener oke banget pake cream ini.  Setelah pemakaian sekitar 2 minggu (gw ga make pagi-malem, selang seling aja) kerasa banget lah kulit jadi super OKE.  Its just like magic. Really really really a very good products!

so the conclusion is :
-cons : the smells is too strong, and its way too expensive

repurchase : i wish, seriously i do really want it, but you know, the price is too expensive i think. maybe someday i'll bought these all when i produce lot of money. LOL.

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