Jan 23, 2011

Review : Chanel Base Hydrantante Lissante age defying radiance moisturizing base with spf 20/PA++

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hola, few weeks ago my mom went to Singapore, she bought some make up stuff there. She loves Chanel so she came back in town with Chanel stuff. then i found this "thing" in her bag. Chanel Base Hydrantante Lissante age defying radiance moisturizing base with spf 20/PA++. gosh, namanya panjang banget ya? heheh.. so here is the description i got from the web.
BASE HYDRATANTE LISSANTE, comes with a light, fresh and delicate texture that reveals a youthful complexion: glowing with radiance, plumped with moisture, and with reduced signs of aging. The application of foundation is facilitated, and wear extended all-day long.
It is also enriched with a hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and ensure comfort that lasts all day long. A pea extract plant complex helps to protect collagen and elastin fibers, which tend to deteriorate over time. A mineral screen and sun filter protect the skin against harmful sun rays (SPF20 / PA++). Skin’s youthfulness is preserved
sounds good huh? so i give a try on this product. gw make base ini dari 12.30 PM untill 9.oo PM. That was a busy day. this is how my face look at first after i apply my make up. Actually i dont really wearing make up everyday since i dont want to clog my pores and look too much for campus look.

i blot once coz my face was very oily. And this how my face appearence when i got home at 9 PM. my face was verrryy dirty and oily, my hair was a big mess.

so ini review nya
at first, yes this product does made my skin feel smoother and brighter, i told you it was not that BIG. i could say that my etude skinfit give me better result on that. After few hours, i found that this product doesnt have any effect to my sebum production. BUT, yes this product hold my make up longer, err should i say lil longer?

yep this product did its job to hold my make up longer but not that big differences. Apalagi kalo kita bandingin dari harganya, im sure that you'll get better one.

will repurchase? NO, and i won't recommend this product for you if you looking for make up base, except you're a big fans of Chanel and just want to collect their products.

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